2017 Goal of the Season Tournament : Round 1, Match-Up 3 – Kalamazoo FC

2017 Goal of the Season Tournament : Round 1, Match-Up 3

Round 1, Match-Up 3

Round 1, Match-Up 2 finished as a tight race with Dumi barely edging out Jay to move on to Round 2. Match-Up 3 features Zach who chips the keeper to score off an amazing cross from An Le, vs. Oakland County FC. Zach is facing Ade, winner of the Match-Up 1, who scores the lone goal in the 1-0 win at rival Grand Rapids FC.


Zach vs. Ade

  • Zach's Goal vs. Oakland County FC (80%, 16 Votes)
  • Ade's Goal @ Grand Rapids FC (20%, 4 Votes)

Total Voters: 20

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2017 Goal of the Season Rules

How it works: Every two days we will release a video. In that video there will be two different goals. Your job will be to vote for whatever goal you think was the best between these two goals. In total we selected 8 of the best videos of the season. The winners of the first round will move on to face the other winners in a straight knockout bracket challenge.

How to vote: Voting can be done on our website under the video or by commenting on the social media post with the name of the player you would like to vote for; via Facebook and Instagram. For twitter it will be as simple as clicking the name on a twitter poll. If any of the goals are the same player, voting will be done by posting that players name and the team in which was scored against.

Final Round 1 Match-Up Coming Soon

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