2017 Goal of the Season Tournament : Round 1, Match-Up 4 – Kalamazoo FC

2017 Goal of the Season Tournament : Round 1, Match-Up 4

Round 1, Match-Up 4

Round 1, Match-Up 3 ended with Ade moving on to the 2nd Round for the 2nd time. Ade’s goal vs. Grand Rapids FC will face off against his goal vs. Lansing in Round 2.

In the final Match-Up in Round 1 we have two familiar faces as Jay will face off against Ade. Our first goal starts with a great cross from Tommy Clark to the head of Jay McIntosh, who scores to go up 3-1 against the Michigan Stars at home. Ade’s goal also comes from Tommy, this time at home against GRFC. Tommy swings in a low bouncing cross into the box that finds its way to the far post, where Ade smashes it into the goal. Watch and decide for yourself  who gets the final spot in Round 2!

Jay vs. Ade

  • Jay vs. Michigan Stars (100%, 4 Votes)
  • Ade vs. Grand Rapids FC (0%, 0 Votes)

Total Voters: 4

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2017 Goal of the Season Rules

How it works: Every two days we will release a video. In that video there will be two different goals. Your job will be to vote for whatever goal you think was the best between these two goals. In total we selected 8 of the best videos of the season. The winners of the first round will move on to face the other winners in a straight knockout bracket challenge.

How to vote: Voting can be done on our website under the video or by commenting on the social media post with the name of the player you would like to vote for; via Facebook and Instagram. For twitter it will be as simple as clicking the name on a twitter poll. If any of the goals are the same player, voting will be done by posting that players name and the team in which was scored against.

Round 2 Coming Soon

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