Brian Clements Named Head Coach – Kalamazoo FC

Brian Clements Named Head Coach

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New Head Coach

Kalamazoo FC is pleased to announce Brian Clements as the new Head Coach. Clements was the team’s 1st Assistant last season, and took the reins as Head Coach for the away game against Grand Rapids while Shabazz was out of town.

Said Mike Garrett, “It’s really nice that we can promote from within, and bring in Brian, who assisted Shabazz last year and did a great job in that role.  I’m looking forward to seeing him continue to build the team plan, and to see this bright young coach be successful with it.”

The team wishes all the best for Coach Lumumba Shabazz, who plans to focus on continuing his coaching education, coaching at Kalamazoo College and spending more time supporting a sick family member. Coach Shabazz has said he plans to make himself available as a resource to the team next year and is looking forward to going to the games, though this time as a fan.

“I want to thank Mike Garrett and everyone at Kalamazoo FC for the opportunity,” said Shabazz.  “It’s been an absolute fun ride and I wish the club and organization the very best in the future.”

Garrett says that while he’s excited for what Clements will bring to the team, he is grateful for everything that Shabazz did for the program.  “Coach Shabazz did a fantastic job the first couple years. He’s been a great partner in building the franchise and getting it established. We wish him the best of luck.”

Clements is stepping into the Head Coaching role at a time when the club is planning a year-round reserve team, so the new Head Coach is wasting no time in getting to work.

Watch Coach Clements first interview below!


Coach Shabazz

We here at the club would like to thank Coach Shabazz for all the time and effort he gave to our club over the past two season. Check out his last interview on the 2017 Season Recap!


Thank you Coach Shabazz!

Join us in welcoming Coach Clements!