Clements Signs Two Brazilians – Kalamazoo FC

Clements Signs Two Brazilians

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Lucas Malaguez

We are proud to announce the signing of Grand View University (NAIA) midfielder Lucas Malaguez. He will join the 2018 NPSL side this summer.

Malaguez is a Freshman at GVU and is originally from Bauru, Brazil.  He’s a midfielder who Coach Clements says “has an excellent work ethic” and “will be a strong addition to the midfield as someone who can both score goals and defend.”

Lucas Q/A

Q -What does your off-season look like?

A – My off-season is very intense. I have strength and conditioning training 3 days/week
and practices with the ball 2-3 days/week. By the end of the off-season there will be
some friendly matches against other schools, which will help me to be more prepared
for the summer.

Q – Being from Brazil what kind of soccer experience did you have there?

A – In Brazil, there is very technical and skillful soccer with lots of intelligent players.
However, coaches in Brazil don’t focus on tactics and formations as much as the
coaches do here.

Q – What is your favorite thing about soccer and why?

A – The intensity and excitement of this sport, because in this game you need to be technical, fit and intelligent in order to succeed. Also, it is a sport where you have to respect the coaches strategies but you are also allowed to improvise and be different sometimes.

Signing Interview


Vinicius Schwindt

Kalamazoo FC is proud to announce the signing of Vinicius (Vini) Schwindt, Attacking Midfielder also from Grand View University and Brazil.

Scwindt is from Novo Hamburgo in Brazil, and is an attacking midfielder. He is also coming off of his Freshman season at GVU, where he played in 18 matches scoring 3 goals with two assists. Says Clements, “Vini is a goal scoring threat from the midfield. He has good passing vision and great movement off the ball.  I’m very excited about both of these players.”

Vini Q/A

Q – What does your off-season look like?

A – Honestly I do not have an off-season, because I am always keeping my fitness and trying to
improve my skills to get prepared for tournaments. In my opinion, if you are a soccer player or
any other athlete, you must always seek training, which is the thing that will take you to another

Q – Being from Brazil can you talk about your soccer experience in Brazil?

A – In my country soccer is the most important sport. It is my passion since I was a little kid
and when I was 10 years old I started to play competitively. During this 10 years until I
decided to come to America, I had a huge experience by playing with and against top-
class players and high-level championships.

Q – What is your favorite thing about soccer and why?

A – My favorite thing about soccer is the passion people have for this sport and the great
environment that soccer brings to the fans and to the stands.

Q – What made you decide to play for Kalamazoo FC?

A – The good structure of the club and the proximity with the community were the things
that had most weight in my decision. Besides that, playing in a league such as NPSL
can bring me more chances to reach my objective, which is playing professionally. I am
sure that we are going to have a great time this season and together we will bring this
club to a higher level.

Signing Interview

Please join us in welcoming Lucas and Vini!