KZFC Promotes Reading and Education at Bookbug – Kalamazoo FC

KZFC Promotes Reading and Education at Bookbug

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Andrew Streitel, 6/29/18, KZFC PR Intern

Kalamazoo FC hosted a community event at BookBug, a kids bookstore, on Thursday to promote the importance of education and reading during the summer. Some of the players were in attendance talking about their story in education and also reading to kids. 

The players in attendance were Lucas Malaguez, Vini Schwindt, Dumi Manyange, Nick King, Hasten Biddlecome and JD Nord. All of the players have interesting stories about how education has played a role in their lives. They also talked about how without soccer that some of them would not be able to continue their education past high school.

Members of KZFC were there handing out coupons and tickets to the game on Saturday night against Livonia City FC. Also KZFC kids club members received prizes for showing up and participating in the event.

The event was a success and showed kids how important a good education is in life and how playing sports can also help you achieve a good education. The players read from books and talked about how reading during the summer helps your education. 

KZFC will be back on the soccer field this Saturday at 6:30 p.m. for a game against Livonia City FC. The venue has changed and the game will be played at Mackenzie Field at Kalamazoo College.