Vini Schwindt – Kalamazoo FC

Vini Schwindt

  • LocationNovo Hamburgo, Brazil
  • Squad Number7
  • College: Grand View University (NAIA)
  • Position: Attacking Midfielder
  • Info: Vinicius, or Vini for short, from Novo Hamburgo, Brazil and played his freshmen year of college here in the states for GrandView University. As a freshmen, Vini played in 18 out of 19 matches for his team, starting in most of them. He tailed three goals and two assist on the year as a midfielder for Grandview. Back in Brazil, Vini played competitively for 10 years. His latest experience was playing for Veranopolis for a year and a half. In 2016, Vinicius was named to the professional roster for Veranopolis. Seeing better conditions and structure of play, Vinicius came to the United States to continue his soccer career and earn a degree in sports management. This is his first opportunity playing in the NPSL. Vini goal is to use this experience as a transition to professional leagues.
  • Coach Clements: “Brazilian attacking midfielder. Excellent goal scoring threat from midfield. Good passing vision and good movement off the ball.”