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Supporters Group

The Fleet

Founded in 2016, The Fleet Supporters bleed teal and purple. On match day you can find them singing, chanting, waving flags, letting off smoke and drinking beer. It is expected of this section to stand for all 90 minutes. This group also organizes pregame marches to the match and other events to create a fun and supportive environment for Kalamazoo FC and the Kalamazoo community.

The Fleet was named to honor the past, give guidance in the present and provide expectations of the future; not only our supporters group, but also for the team.

FleetSwift; Rapid; Large group of warships grouped for tactical or other purposes under a single commander.

Fleet-Footed:  Able to run fast; Quick and nimble on one’s feet.

Origin of “Kalamazoo”:  French and English maps in the first decades of the nineteenth century use variations of the name “Marame” to identify the river that flows through the eastern edge of the city. An atlas published in 1823, five years before any white settlement in this area, changes the name to “Kikalemazo”, the first appearance of a word similar to the one that we use today. The most popular and widely accepted Native American legend that explains the word’s origins involves a Potawatomi named Fleet Foot. To win his bride, he successfully ran from the settlement to a point on the river and back before the water then heating in a pot boiled away. The translations “boiling pot,” “where the water boils in the pot,” “boiling water,” or “place where the water boils” all originate from this legend.

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